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John M. Gaston

Born in Medford, MA in 1949 I have been and continue to be a resident of Shrewsbury since 1962. As a graduate of Shrewsbury High School I pursued my love of the visual arts and attended the Vesper George School of Art, Boston, MA. My early concentrations were in the field of the applied arts through graphic design and illustration where I worked with clients from around the world. My career has stretched over forty years.  My accumulated experiences and knowledge then led me to instructing at secondary institutions in both Boston and Worcester, MA.  Now I dedicate much of my time to painting in my home studio or on location. I have been teaching private drawing and painting classes and lessons in the studio at Gastonart & Frame in Shrewsbury; a family business started in 2004.  I was the founder and President of the Artists Guild of Shrewsbury in 1997. A community arts group that is still active today.

“My career in the arts has exposed me to some life defining moments.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  A respected colleague of mine once told me, “it takes a lifetime to learn how to paint”

Whatever art is, it should move you, move you to feel something, speak to you, good or bad.  In all instances, no matter what the medium there is one common thread that runs through all of my work: Passion.

Passion – The human element!

Passion for the moment, things envisioned and executed by humans with one eye focused on tradition and the other on the unexplored. 

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