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What is a CPF? Why should I use one?

A CPF is a Certified Picture Framer that is recognized by the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) as a professional with a solid knowledge of proper framing methods, materials and techniques.

"The Certified Picture Framer® (CPF®) examination was developed in 1986 in conjunction with Educational Testing Services (ETS) to provide professional recognition to individuals successfully completing the established criteria." PPFA Official Website

What is the PPFA?

"The Professional Picture Framers Association is dedicated to promoting and upholding the professionalism of the custom picture framing industry. PPFA provides framers and retailers with educational opportunities, events, certifications, competitions, exclusive member discounts, online communities, and additional resources to expand knowledge and promote business growth." PPFA Official Website

To attain the PPFA's CPF designation a framer must complete an extensive 150 question multiple choice exam that covers topics from proper handling and storage techniques for different types of artwork to knowledge of preservation framing materials and techniques as well as good business practices. Preparation for this exam requires multiple years of hands on experience and hours of reading and studying. Once this level of designation is achieved a CPF must keep up with continuing education classes and re-certify every 4 years.

Why should you use a CPF?

Well I think the answer is quite obvious. Because they are professionals. They know their trade. They know the proper techniques and materials for handling your artwork and cherished item. They are creative designers and quality craftsmen.

Simply put, CPFs are the experts.

So if you have something to frame and want it done well, want it to look good and want it to last a lifetime, find a PPFA member and a Certified Picture Framer. You'll be glad you did.

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